Launching of a partnership between the American platform GAAIN and the NuAge Database and Biobank

In the research field, accessibility and sharing of data are essential for obtaining tangible results faster for the population. To foster this, a new partnership between NuAge Database and Biobank, the Centre de recherche sur le vieillissement [Research Centre on Aging] (CdRV), and the Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network (GAAIN) has just been launched. This partnership will combine the data from the 1,753 elderly individuals of the NuAge cohort with those of 51 other cohorts worldwide, bringing together the data of close to half a million individuals.

GAAIN is an online integrated research platform, administered by the University of Southern California (, whose goal is to accelerate Alzheimer’s disease research thanks to the sharing of data from multiple cohorts worldwide. This enables researchers to answer scientific questions of unprecedented complexity by accessing a massive shared data set.

The NuAge data will be available on the GAAIN platform as of Fall 2020. The NuAge Database and Biobank are always accessible to researchers who request it via the " Make an access request " page available on our website.