Integration of cognitive test results obtained in the embedded NutCog study (2006-2010)

The NuAge Database and Biobank have completed the integration of the collated data for a subgroup of participants of the NuAge Study who took part in the nested NutCog Study (Nutrition Quality as a Predictor of Cognitive Decline in Elderly Individuals: a Longitudinal Study), led by Professor Guylaine Ferland of Université de Montréal. The NutCog Study was conducted from 2006 to 2010 in collaboration with the NuAge Study team. For this nested study, a total of 464 participants from the NuAge Study were evaluated on two occasions, two years apart, for the purpose of assessing their cognitive performances in a detailed manner. The assessment involved the administration of 6 tests assessing 4 cognitive domains, including verbal and non-verbal episodic memories, executive functions and speed of processing information. Of the 464 participants in the NutCog Study, 461 are part of the NuAge Database and Biobank and their cognitive test results are now available to user investigators who request them.

Reference article for NutCog: Presse N, Belleville S, Gaudreau P, et al. Vitamin K status and cognitive function in healthy older adults. Neurobiol Aging. 2013;34(12):2777-2783