Access request

Last update: November 30, 2022

Eligible persons

Any user holding research privileges from a recognized institution managing research funds may submit an access request to data or biological samples from the NuAge Database and Biobank. This user is referred to as the “Requesting Investigator”.

Types of access requests

  • New access request 
  • Attestation for a grant application 
  • Addition or amendment to a previously approved request

Deadline for submitting an access request

There is no deadline for submitting an access request to the NuAge Database and Biobank. An access request can therefore be submitted at any time. The NuAge Database and Biobank team can offer methodological support (choice of variables and biologic samples, study design, feasibility, etc.) to researchers intending to use our banks for their research projects. An initial response from the Steering Committee should be expected within 1-2 months depending on the type of access request. The evaluation criteria and possible responses are described in the NuAge Database and Biobank Guidelines (document to download below).

Guidelines for submitting an access request

To submit an access request, the following documents (below) must be downloaded, completed and submitted to the Steering Committee via our website :

  • Access Request Form
  • Data Form
  • Biological Sample Form (if required for the project)

In order to adequately complete the Data Form and the Biological Sample Form, the dictionary of variables and the list of available samples may be downloaded below. The applicable access fees and the NuAge Database and Biobank Guidelines are also available for downloading.

Feasibility analysis

Available via The Global Alzheimer’s Association Interactive Network site (GAAIN :

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