Launching of a Call for projects using the NuAge Biobank

The Réseau québécois de recherche sur le vieillissement [Quebec Network for Research on Aging] (RQRV), in partnership with the NuAge Database and Biobank, is launching a call for projects open exclusively to researchers who are active members of the Network.

The primary objective of this call for projects is to use biological samples from the NuAge Database and Biobank to carry out an original and innovative research project to advance knowledge in the field through a high impact factor international publication. In the context of the Network’s structuring grant program, the cost of biomarker analyses will be covered by a $60,000 budget dedicated to the NuAge Database and Biobank. The costs associated with the preparation of the participants’ data file as well as the preparation of the biological samples from the biobank will be covered by the NuAge Database and Biobank thanks to the financial support of the Platform for Financing Intersectoral Research on Aging – Cohort Component of The Fonds de recherche du Québec (FRQ).

To be eligible to apply for the call for projects :

  • The principal investigator must be an active member of RQRV on September 30, 2020 (updated: 2020-08-21);
  • The principal investigator can submit several project applications, but only one can be selected and financed;
  • The co-investigators of Quebec universities as well as the students involved in the project must be members of RQRV, or commit to becoming members of RQRV if the project is financed;
  • The project must be achievable in 12-18 months, from the date that the biologic samples are delivered;
  • The research project must be feasible in the context of the NuAge Database and Biobank, i.e. verify the availability of the data and biologic samples, ensure a sufficient statistical power.

Deadline to submit a project : September 30, 2020 (updated: 2020-08-21)

Expected date of the announcement of the results : November 16, 2020 (updated: 2020-08-21)

For the project proposal submission procedures (documents required), please consult the RQRV news page or contact the NuAge Database and Biobank