Integration of follow-up data collected during the telephone prescreening as part of the recruitment for the CIMA-Q study (2014-2017)

The NuAge Database and Biobank have completed the integration of the data collected from a subgroup of participants of the NuAge Study who were contacted by telephone as part of the prescreening for CIMA-Q (Consortium pour l’identification précoce de la maladie d’Alzheimer; study recruitment. This telephone follow-up, funded by CIMA-Q in partnership with NuAge, took place between 2014 and 2017 and provided new data on overall functional status (nutrition screening [ENS], perception of physical limitations [Nagi] and autonomy in activities of daily living [ADL]), as well as on cognitive functions (self-perception of cognitive decline [Jessen et al. 2014], adaptation of the Telephone Mini-Mental State Examination [T-MMSE], and adaptation of the French version of the Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status [F-TICS-m]). As a result, the data collected from 577 participants are now part of the NuAge Database and Biobank and are available to user investigators who request them.

Reference article for CIMA-Q study recruitment details: Belleville S, LeBlanc AC, Kergoat MJ, Calon F, Gaudreau P, Hébert SS, Hudon C, Leclerc N, Mechawar N, Duchesne S, Gauthier S. Consortium for the Early Identification of Alzheimer's disease-Quebec (CIMA-Q). The Consortium for the early identification of Alzheimer's disease-Quebec (CIMA-Q). Alzheimers Dement (Amst). 2019;11:787-796.

CIMA-Q is funded by the Pfizer-Fonds de Recherche Québec - Health Innovation Fund – for Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders (Pfizer-FRQS; #27239), the Réseau québécois de recherche sur le vieillissement [Quebec Network for Research on Aging], the Courtois Foundation-NeuroMod project and the Fondation Lemaire.